Friday, 30 January 2015

Top Five Pretty Pink Picks

I don't know about you but around this time of year I always start to feel like I am craving some colour in my life. Please don't get me wrong, I love winter. It's just that I start to miss the bright colours that spring and summer offer. We can't make spring get here any faster so the next best thing is to add that little pop of colour into your wardrobe.

Throughout my life I have been accused of being a "girly girl." I wasn't sure if I should take this as a compliment or be offended. Now I embrace it. I can't help it if I love all things that are frilly and pink. All of these outfits below are focused around pink. I like to add pink in the winter to break things up. Take a look below for some pink options!

1) Nail Polish - These colours are the perfect subtle hint of pink. The lighter pink colour is great for wearing at work (you can't really tell when it chips) and the darker hue is great for a girl's night out!

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2) Sweet Pink Pastel Dress - I know it is a bit cold to wear these dresses with bare legs. Picture these with jet black tights with black pumps. The contrast between the black and light pink work perfectly together.

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3) Pink Shoes - I am in love with  both pairs of these shoes for very different reasons. The low heels are versatile. You can pair them with jeans to lessen the casual look or you could wear them with a grey pencil skirt. These pink flats? Wear them with dark indigo jeans and a light pink sweater.

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4) Sparkly Pink - I wear pearls pretty much every day (necklace, earrings or bracelet. It doesn't matter I incorporate them into my every day style somehow). So it is really no surprise that I recommend these subtly pink pearls in this Friday Five. I feel like they speak for themselves. The second recommendation just kind of spoke to I am trying to get out of my comfort zone.

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5) Pretty in Pink - Coats - It might still be a little chilly out for light coats but I couldn't help but put both of these coats up on the blog. I love that these coats cinch at the waist and are 3/4 length. You could wear them over any outfit..either to dress it up or dress it down.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Get dem on !

r- Taking this picture was very exciting for me. If you read our post on fitness you will remember that m and I have been eat right and working (okay, well except Saturday since we both agreed this would be our rest day). This was my first post since our healthy living journey began. It's working! I can't remember the last time I put on a pair of jeans and felt great in them. Just made me want to work harder. Anyway...more about these jeans! These jeans are from Banana Republic. I love them and I think I have about 4 pair now. They fit great and I refer to them as my "nice booty jeans." Everyone woman needs to find a fit that works for them and for me, these are them. I paired it with a stark white blouse/navy fitted blazer with a mango red coloured belt. You could wear this for a dress down day at work or on a date night as well!

m- Wearing my white jeans again. I have had many discussions about whether or not I have made up this trend. I promise, I did not, but if I did, I had no idea that this blog would be so influential ;) London, Paris, Milan and it all started in small town Canada!

k- Hola!  Recently my husband and I attended two destination weddings in the Dominican Republic. Considering the costly fees on overweight luggage I needed to pack compatible pieces of clothing appropriate for any occasion.  When travelling I decided to wear my white Anne Taylor straight leg denim pants with a T-shirt under a light blue denim look Ralph Lauren shirt.  These three primary pieces were compatible with skirts, shirts and the various tops that I brought. We had a wonderful time at both weddings. A nice reprieve from our Canadian winter. Adios!

20 something

 40 something

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday - Denim for 2015

r & m- Denim is always on trend. This spring we are anticipating some pretty BIG changes to our denim wardrobe. Distressed denim continues to be in stores and white has been a staple for while, but some new and exciting styles are here! Spring will bring an homage to the seventies with cropped, baggy cuts - at the bare minimum - flare cuts. Tops will be fitted to create a new silhouette. We cannot wait to add a couple of pairs to our closets and try something new!
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White Denim

Roomy Jeans

Monday, 19 January 2015

Watches and Bracelets

r- I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and my super sweet mother, gave me a Michael Kors watch. It is set in rose gold. It took me a little while to get onto the whole rose gold trend but now that I am, I can't get off of it! It pairs nicely with both gold and silver so I can still wear lots of jewellery that I already have.
m-  I like the layered effect of many bracelets (it takes me back to the days of jelly bracelets)and feels a bit tougher than a single band. The use of strong geometrical shapes (pyramids, circles, etc.), bar motives and leather give a nod to punk inspired fashion and continue to be on trend for 2015. I need to add a watch to this little collection. I have a feeling that watches are going to make a big comeback because many people do not know how to read one...especially those tricky ones without numbers or roman numerals...ha! Being 40 isn't so bad, I can remember a time...a time before smartphones...

20 something

40 something

m's choices - I was a little frustrated when trying to post the links for these bracelets. I had to use an American site, when we have a Canadian option available, but without links required for bloggers.At the bare minimum, when clicking on the picture, it will give company name and style. I have decided to create our own link in the future, to make things a little easier when posting about jewellery trends. Sorry, for inconvenience.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

You Won't Believe What We Are Up To!

New Year...some changes are in store. We can't believe that 6 months has flown by since we first started our blog. We have come such a long way and we really appreciate all of your feedback.

Professionally, we are seeking fashion ambassador opportunities and we are hoping to broaden our Canadian retail base. You have asked us about our favourite products and we will be featuring them regularly on the blog. Some of the products vary depending on r's 20 something style and m's 40 something perspective. So make sure you keep checking in with us regularly to see what we have found for you!

If you're anything like us, you had a festive holiday filled with lots of yummy calorie filled treats. We are now feeling (and seeing) the repercussions and can no longer fit into clothes that were purchased in the summer. So...our health and fitness focus has begun! After scrutinizing winter posts..r had a bit of a reality check. She realized that she's now on the other side of 25 and that metabolism isn't working quite the way it use to. An emergency text was quickly sent to m looking for support to help make a plan to get back into shape and put her health first! Hence, daily workouts have begun! We have committed to helping each other remain focused on healthy eating and daily exercise. We purchased a few products along the way. If you want to follow us along our journey, we recommend the following items to put a little spring in your step and encourage you to get moving:

Monday, 12 January 2015

Toque Time and Skin Care Update!

Skin Experiment
r- I am so excited about how amazing my skin has been lately. I have been getting a lot of compliments about how it looks like it's "glowing." I won't lie to you, getting this amazing skin is definitely process. My mom laughs at me because no matter if I fall into a deep sleep, I will pop out of bed and say, "I have to wash my face!" It's important to never miss a morning or night. If you aren't using the products, then they don't have a chance to work. I am counting down the days until I can share this new amazing product with you guys! Once you use it, you won't turn back!
m- I am so pleased with my results! I have been fairly diligent with my skin care routine and have noticed that my skin appears healthier, pores are smaller and my fine lines do not appear as deep. I still look like a forty something woman, but I really like being a forty something, that is okay. I do not wear foundation and use a minimal amount of concealer (even less now, that I have less to cover) and makeup. On the day that my son took this picture, I was not compelled to put on much makeup and was suffering from the flu. I was on the way to the pharmacy and did not invest much time in getting ready - I would have preferred to take a nap on the couch. I think that my skin looks pretty good, considering all of these factors. Product reveal coming soon!

r- My sister and my husband both bought me a fur hat (and matching mittens) for Christmas! They must know me pretty well. I have not stopped wearing it every since. It's so warm and right on trend. Check it out below. So cute!
m- I don't like animal print shirts, skirts, leggings or coats (on me). I am not bold enough for that, but I LOVE leopard accessories. Leopard shoes, belts, purses and hats are welcome in my closet.

40 something

20 something

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter Hat Friday Edition

If you are anything like us, you start to feel like winter can be a little long. This week Canadians have been bombarded with snow and exceptionally chilly temperatures. Hats and mitts are a necessity when it is this cold out, so we have decided to embrace the cold and fashion, all at the same time. We have put together three outfits all designed around toques. Outfit 1 features a white popcorn textured hat and a nod to Spring's number one fashion trend..the lace dress! This is the perfect time to overlap your seasonal style. For outfit 2, we couldn't forget about our love of leopard and plaid...together! We couldn't resist a furry pom pom hat in outfit 3. The combination of a cozy, long cardigan, gray boots, and leatherette pants offer a interesting balance of sweet and edgy.  Have a great weekend and don't forget to stay warm.

Winter Hat Friday Edition

Monday, 5 January 2015

Gearing Up For Outdoor Fun

r- I love walking all year round but there is something really romantic about a winter stroll. My husband and I love to get out walking together (along with our dog Rocko, of course!) This New Years we took a walk out on the lake. It was so nice and bright that we didn't have to bundle up too much. I decided to wear my fleece lined leggings (don't want to catch a chill!), knitted cardigan and hat. I love any excuse to wear my leg warmers and they fit perfectly into my extra warm Ugg boots.
m- The conditions have not been the greatest for x-country skiing, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that January will bring more snow. Layering is the key to success for me. I have learned to choose my items carefully and pack extra options in the car. My favourite x-country items are: my boots - they are surprisingly warm and comfortable, wool socks (once again) and layering my gloves. I learned early on that hands can overheat easily or become too cold. My jacket (not featured -depends on the conditions) is useful for both winter running and skiing. It blocks the wind nicely and has venting. The leg warmers are there for fun! I always pack my parka for apres ski.
40 something

20 something

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday Five Favourite Fitness Gear for the New

r- I am not in love with fitness, I will admit. However, I am getting older and I know that it's more important than ever to stay active. My dad and my grandparents are avid walkers and never miss a day. They are in amazing shape and a total inspiration for me. I like to take my dog Rocko on long walks especially down to the lake and have recently joined a spin class that is seriously kicking my butt (hoping it will get easier the longer I do it? lol). One of the only things that gets me excited to work what I get to wear doing it! Shocker right? Take a look below for some of my favourite things to wear while getting active!
m- My favourite fitness activities are in the outdoors. It helps pass the winter and I find it uplifting to be outside. It can be a little tricky to dress for winter pursuits. During warm up, the body can often be cold and once moving, it is easy to overheat. That being said,  I have underdressed for x-country skiing on a very cold day and have contemplated stopping to catch my breath, but have not for fear of dying of frostbite.
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