Thursday, 23 July 2015

Boyfriends and Satin - daytime edition

m- This outfit has been on the blog before with different accessories and shoes. It saw rotation this week when I decided to move away from flip-flops into real shoes! One day only...
40 something

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Weekly Round-Up - R Style

This summer has been crazy busy so far! This hasn't stopped me from picking up some super cute pieces. Since I have been on the go non-stop, I have been focusing on easy, low maintenance outfits. Check out some of my favourites below.

1) Printed Jumpsuit - I picked this up 20 minutes before a birthday party that I was going to. I realized that the outfit I was wearing was way to hot so I had to improvise quickly. I am glad that I did because this has turned out to be one of my favourite new outfits. It's a bit trendy so I would only add one of these to your wardrobe but I bet you will be wearing it out by the end of the summer! (I added my sun hat for my friend m, don't let that sun touch your face girls!)

2) Joggers & T-Shirt - Not going to lie, I struggled with this one a little bit. I think that I have always believed that joggers or any kind of sweats should never be worn outside of your house or the gym! I kept seeing these over and over in magazines and thought I should give them a try. I added my Nine-West wedged sandals to dress them up a bit (and because I'm petite) and it worked out great. Glad I tried will be too!

3) Pop-of-Colour - This dress is so sweet and fits perfectly! The one below is a very close second! It's a bold colour choice for summer but I think that's why I fell in love with it! Pair it with some gold accessories and shoes!

4) Linen Pants - These are amazing! I love wearing them to the cottage because they are loose and breezy but they don't look frumpy. Have you ever seen Wedding Crashers? When Rachel McAdams is on the sailboat and wearing linen pants..this has inspired this outfit!

5) White pants + polka dots - My sister and I were out shopping together and both bought this polka dot shirt. I liked the deep blue flats. I thought that it kept the shirt more seasonal. However, I think the shirt will work great for a summer to fall transition.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Weekly Round-Up by m

m- Vacation = no jackets, no ironing and simple style. Here is a quick peek at some of my favourite day to day styles. When picking out an outfit for the day, I always keep the 15-51 idea in mind -since I am closer to 51 than 15, I prefer to balance out a mini or shorts with a more modest top or vice versa. Plus, I cannot be bothered with tugging, discomfort or Spanx. If it doesn't fit, is not comfortable or impedes my caloric intake, I am not wearing it!

To shop for an item, click on the image below, it will take you to our affiliate website. Although I could not find all the items (some have been in my closet for several years...I said years, not decades, r!), I tried to find a similar look and the prices are pretty great!

Monday, 6 July 2015

To Birk or Not to Birk...

m- hmm...not my thing. I tried (per picture) and wanted to love them, but could not purchase. I was surprised when I tried these on, my sources told me that they were uber comfortable and that after one step in Birkenstock that I would never want another shoe. I found the foot bed hard and I am too old to bother with breaking in shoes. I lived through this trend in the nineties and feel like I might be crossing my fashion lines: back into plaid shirts tied around the waist and bodysuits... I will have to admire this trend on others.

r- Surprise! I never thought that I would like these shoes, but I do! I found them comfortable and more stylish than I expected. I particularly liked the new styles and metallic finishes. Music festivals, eyelet lace and Birkenstock go together and I plan on embracing all of them, this summer!

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