Sunday, 14 June 2015

Fabletics Review

m - Fabletics seems to be everywhere. Every time I open Facebook, turn on the TV or talk fitness with friends, the company is brought up. I decided to look into it and become a member. Here is the scoop: the company has a lifestyle quiz that you answer and suggests outfits for your lifestyle. You choose the outfit that you prefer and pay $25. This price includes all of the pieces on the model that you selected, you must order within 24 hours or the special price is no longer available. This is the outfit that I ordered:

This shipped immediately and arrived in two days. I ripped open that package like it was Christmas morning and tried it on immediately! I was pleasantly surprised in the quality of the tights. They are thick and I have no fear of  transparency around the seams. The length is nice, it is as shown on the picture (I am just over 5'4 and ordered size 6) and the fit is true to size. Love them! The top took a few attempts to figure out where the neck and arm holes begin and end. Once I got into it, I really liked the design. I took the outfit out for a run, to see how it would pass during physical exertion. The tights were great, I tucked the corner of the top into the tights to prevent riding up and exposing my tummy or feeling like I was being strangled by my own shirt. Obviously, venting was not an issue.
As a member, I will receive an email by the 5th of the next month and I can select an outfit to purchase or choose to pass. The price is roughly double of the beginning promo. I will be purchasing. I really like the fabric, design, delivery and price. So far, this has been a great shopping experience and I recommended it to r.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Skin Update - Month 8 and Swimwear on the Internet - No, Thank You!

Skin Update
m - Rodan and Fields REDEFINE AND AMP ROLLER with eye cream and microdermabrasion paste weekly. The pictures say it all (by the way an iphone selfie of this sort is tough)...
 Send us an email if you would like to get started on your own journey.
m week 1
m -week 1

m - week 32
m - week 32

You didn't really think that we would put pictures of ourselves in swimsuits on the internet, did you? NO, NO, NO! We have picked a few of our favourite suits for the season and matching accessories to make your next beach visit more tolerable. We found very affordable options and are going to buy a couple of these items, too!
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Monday, 1 June 2015

Summer Staple - Black Maxi

r- One of my favourite dresses right now! Today was a hot one and I couldn't wait to come home and put on this comfortable dress. It's great because it's comfortable without looking drab. In fact, I may have it in an assortment of other colours...It's a must.
m-  Life has been quite busy and we are hoping to catch up! If you have seen us out and about, both of us having been living in  dresses. My favourite for hot weather, a black maxi, is a standard that everyone should own. Simple to dress up or down, a maxi can take you anywhere in comfort.This dress was under $20 and fit surprisingly well. Sometimes a little coverage is required and a jean jacket can feel a little bulky, so a simple button up tied at the waist can change the look and provide modesty.

20 something

40 something

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