Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Five - Wish List For Him!

Do you ever find it more difficult to buy for the men in your lives than for the women? I always feel like my mom, my sister or any of my friends are no brainers when it comes to gift ideas. However, when it comes to my husband, my dad or my brother, I'm always left a little stumped. I try and listen throughout the year to things that he may really want or need. So if you are feeling like we do, don't worry, m and I have created a holiday gift guide designated just for him!

r - m and I have really tall husbands. A little thing band would look funny on our 6'3" men. I think this first watch is perfect because the band has a wide leather look and it would be great with any casual outfit. Looks pretty manly to me!

These ties are right on trend. We love the tiniest hint of a pattern and the red is perfect for the holidays. Price is right too!

Socks make a great stocking stuffer! At the top of our list is thermal socks. These are great throughout the winter months, especially if your man works outside or has a lot of outdoor hobbies. I like that they are a unique colour so your "sock eating dryer monster" has less of a chance of eating one. We also like the men's stocking great for dress shoes while at work. Adidas work out socks are perfect for running shoes while at the gym since they are light and wick away sweat. 

These coats are super casual and comfortable. The first coat is light enough but also warm enough to wear in the chilly weather. It think it would look great paired with a red or brown scarf. We really like the colour blocked coat as well perfect for a no fuss kind of style.

Remember those scarves we mentioned that would work great with the coat listed above? These are some great options. We added the plaid patterned scarves as great alternative to the traditional scarf since plaid seems to be making an appearance every where this season.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Holiday Party! 20-40-60

r- This has to be my very favourite time of the year. I love spending time with my family, watching Christmas movies on television (It's a Wonderful Life!) and eating lots of yummy treats. Another great thing about this time of year are the holiday parties of course! I picked up this all sequin dress on a whim and thought it was perfect for the holidays. It would work for a work party or New Years! Keep jewellery subtle, you don't want to put anyone on sparkle overload.

m- I have wanted a wanted a jumpsuit for quite sometime. I find them so comfortable and easy to wear. No worrying about how to sit, breathe or tugging anything up or down. This particular jumpsuit was a whopping $27 (found on sale), the shoes were $14. Now, that is ridiculous. I am especially proud of these deals because I prefer to spend my money on day to day items. (That being said, I have already worn this outfit twice and the shoes have walked all over the place!)

k- Recently I shopped at a premium outlet where I purchased this Diane von Furstenberg dress for under $100. A basic black knit dress with sheer long sleeves. What I adore is the peekaboo back in the same sheer material. I chose high heels from Nine West for a more formal look that I purchased for $50. Alternatively, ankle or high black boots could be worn. I'm ready to celebrate in the holiday season festivities.
20 something

60 something
40 something

Like the look? Click on the pictures below! Click on the right arrow for more k's look too.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday Five Holiday Gift Guide

#1 Skin care update - I think my skin might be on a bit of strike. I have really sensitive skin and this time of year with the dryness in the air and super chilly temperatures really irritates it. I'm braving putting this really unflattering picture of myself on the internet to show an honest represntation of what struggling with blemish prone skin is like. I have to tell you that this new secret skincare line that m and I are using has made a huge difference in my skin but there still are no magic cures and you're bound to end up with a blemish or two.

After-Week 4

#2 Clutches
The holidays are the perfect time to bust out with the sparkle. These clutches would dress up any outfit.
Where to find it? Click on images below:

#3  Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

m -r found this mascara in the summer and I was a little tentative. I am very careful about the products that I use on my face, especially eyes. The mascara that I use is from the health food store and is the first mascara that doesn't make my eyes itchy. That being said, I tried the product and did not experience any symptoms. The ingredient list appeared to be safe (clearly, I am not a doctor)  and the effects are as pictured. It washes off easily with regular cleanser. The one tip, I discovered, is that for a day time look, only apply to the upper lash and, "flutter," your eyelashes into the fibres.
To try some out, click on the following:

#4 Mittens and Gloves
We love all of these mittens and gloves. A couple of them are pricey, so we are going to wait for January sales. We do like the purple and gray gloves that have all-touch fingertips for use on touch screens. Great gift idea!

To shop the item, click on the image below:

#5 Monograms
This is a huge trend this year. We like the idea of thinking ahead and getting someone a personalized gift. Just remember, that monogrammed items take a little longer and may need extra time for processing and delivery (these items are from an American retailer, so it may take a little longer).

Click on the images below:

Monday, 17 November 2014

All That Sparkles

r- Christmastime is almost here! I honestly cannot wait! It is also a great excuse to wear things that you would never wear any other time of the year. This headband is a perfect example of this. It might look a little out of place in the summertime but this time of works! I love that the band is subtle but the sparkly leaf embelishment works as a statement piece. I would keep jewellery to a minimum while wearing something like this.
m- I found this sweatshirt on line and fell in love. It  is the softest, peach colour and the front of the top is sheer with sparkle embellishment. It reminds me of the bead work featured on art deco dresses of times past. It is a simple way to bring a little glamour to Saturday errands. When I tried to attach a link for the sweatshirt and boots, both were sold out, so I found a similar styles that are equally as lovely.

20 something 
40 something

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Cabin Fever Favourite Five and Skincare Update

#1 Skincare
Week 4 pictures - m
Things are looking good. I do not look like I am r's age, but looking like a better forty-something! I have decided to continue with this program and over the next few weeks, tell you which skin care program I using. Shhh! It is a secret for now!

week 1
week 1

week 4
week 4


#2 Winter Boots
r- I have and always will love Uggs. I have had a few pairs over the years but every year they keep coming out with cuter ones. I love that these are knit and have a slouchy feel. I will warn you Uggs look really really cute but if you want warmth I think you should go with M's pick.

m- As I have said previously, I do not like cold feet! These boots will keep you warm and look like you have been on a Nordic adventure (not just standing in a rink or sledding at the local hill).

To shop the look, click on the image below:

BEARPAW Isabella Cold Weather Boots •
Ugg boots:

#3 Cabin Sweaters
r- This sweater looks so cozy it makes me just want to curl up on my couch with the fire on. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

m- Put a log on the fire, pass the Baileys! Oh, I need some slippers, too.

Cream cabin sweater:
Gray cabin sweater:

#4 Comfy Bottoms
r- I love leggings and wear them often. These bottoms look like leggings but also have a winter feel because of the pattern! You could wear these when your hanging out at home or pair them with a long black or grey tunic when you're going outside. I will caution you, don't wear these with a t-shirt when your out...might look a little too "pajamaish."

m- It has happened! I have finally managed to put my favourite jogging pants on the fashion blog. My nearest and dearest know about my love of Roots jogging pants. I had forgotten about them, until my friend, S, showed up for weekend of skating, skiing and tubing. Apres ski, she disappeared (before a traditional dinner of poutine and wine) and reappeared wearing a classic pair of logan, green pants. It was like the door to happiness opened. I talked about those pants continuously, until my husband bought me a pair. Several pairs later, they are not reserved for post winter activities, but have a permanent place in my weekly rotation. Don't get me wrong, I  always pair them with a cute, fitted shirt and maintain that stains are not permitted!

Fair Isle Legging:
Bergan Sweatpant •

#5 Flannel
r- So....I will tell you that I am not a huge fan of the plaid trend right now but I am trying my best to warm up to it. This black and white tunic allows me to do this because it is not the traditional red and black plaid that I am used to.

m- I could not be happier about this trend. I especially love red plaid for the holidays.
Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Elbow Patch Plaid Shirt •
Plaid popover shirt •

Monday, 10 November 2014

Booties The Do's and the Do Nots!

r - We have spent a lot of time chatting about booties. No I am not talking about the one you shake, I am referring to the cute ones you wear on your feet. Honestly I am a sucker for a cute pair of any kind of boots...but the booties have been known to leave me a little bit bewildered. I am really petite so I try and make sure that I wear things that elongate my legs. Every time I wear booties I always feel like my legs look really short and I am left looking a little stumpy...Now after some research I think I have finally figured out the best way to wear boots for us petite girls...and the tall ones! Here you go..your guide to wearing booties..the right way!

m- I have two pairs of booties in my closet and they are starting to see a little  more rotation. After my houndstooth. midi skirt debacle, I avoided them for awhile, in fear that I looked a little short and squat. I am trying them a few different ways, but still have not embraced the bootie -sock craze - that is one inch too far.

40 something

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Favourite Five and Skincare Update

#1 Skincare
m- Four weeks have passed and I feel like I have removed 5 years off my face. I have been pretty diligent with the program and missed one night. The lines around my eyes and face have diminished and my skin has started to look more radiant. I am going to order some eye cream and add this to the regimen. I will keep you updated and post pictures next week.
Meet my friend, Lindsey. She was kind enough to share her results from her skin regime and I wanted to share them with you. Can you believe this? I wish that I knew about this 4 years ago!You look great, Lindsey! Thanks for introducing me to this product!

#2 - Totes
r- Gray and pink might be my favourite colour combo. I am just trying to get into the tote craze. I have a habit of keeping too much junk in my purse and I find that a tote doesn't help me with this problem. But this tote isn't too's a good place to start!
m- My work bag exploded last week and I have been reduced to travelling with my gym bag to and from work. It doesn't fit with professional attire, so I am on the lookout for a great tote that is roomy enough for me to carry my laptop, numerous snacks and a water bottle. This cognac tote fits the bill and the styling will last for years.

#3 - Capes/ Ponchos
r- Yes...more faux fur, ha! I like that this is oversized and comfortable but would be cute on a date night or to run errands.
m- The black one is my pick! I love that there are various colour choices and added detail on the sleeves. I  have worn a poncho before and really missed having the structure of a sweater or coat. The sleeves, the funnel neck and button details assure me that I have not ventured into Snuggy territory.

#4 Slip-ons
r- I can just picture myself wearing these with a cute pair of blue jeans! Just because it's comfortable doesn't mean it can't be cute.
m- Sometimes, I  need comfort. After a week of heeled boots and shoes, this trend is a welcome change. These quilted shoes are on trend and super comfy for running around town.

#5 Hats
r- I love that this hat has cute feathers instead of the predictable pom pom. The pom pom reminds me of fourth grade adulthood should include feathers right?
m- Last winter was a LITTLE L-O-N-G for my liking! I love skiing and outdoors sports as much as the next person, but by March, things can feel a little dreary. This slouchy hat with some sparkle may give me something to look forward to.

What is on your wish list this month?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Faux fur

r- I have been wanting a vest like this for so long! It has been on my wish list since last Spring...Poor M had to put up with me searching the internet for a very long time to find one. I did finally find the perfect vest I had been looking for this fall. The price was right and I love everything about it! Not to bulky and really warm. I love wearing it with jeans or leggings.

m- I own a brown, fur vest and never wear it. I feel a little overwhelmed in the bulk of it and to be honest, a little bit like a cave woman. That being said, I love the texture and colour tones of this scarf. Winter white definitely has a place in a my closet. I especially like that my boots match the floor!

40 something

so something

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