Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blue and White

r- Anyone  who knows me know that shoes are my absolute biggest wardrobe weakness. I actually have a closet devoted solely to my shoe and boot collection. My wonderful husband has grown to accept this "collection" of mine. Another interesting fact is that every outfit I choose to wear always revolves around my shoes. I pick the shoes I want to wear in the morning and figure out which outfit will work. In this case, I chose my new cobalt side cut out flats. These are so darn comfortable and they dressed up my new boyfriend jeans from Joe Fresh. I have been on the hunt for a nice slouchy, distressed pair of bf jeans and I have finally found them. They are on sale right now too!
m- Hey, look! It's my, "almost Hunters," and white jeans again! Crisp white and blue with accents of yellow and it feels like spring, minus the snow and fleece, boot liners. For those of us that don't love wearing blue, we can stay on trend with hints of blue with brighter colours.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring=Trench Coats and Eyes Wide Open - Eye Cream Update

r- I bought this coat before Christmas but didn't get to wear it very much because it got cold so fast. This coat is so much fun! I love the black and white animal print paired with my Hunters. I don't think I would wear it out grocery shopping but it's perfect for a date night!
m- I like the 70's vibe of this outfit. Flare jeans are everywhere this season and I can't get enough of this pair. I have my eye out for a lighter wash for summer, but for this transitional time, I paired the darker wash with a light turtleneck with necklace worn on the outside of the collar. The trench was a great find at a thrift shop. When I spotted the style and name, not a moment was lost. I hustled up to the cash register, made a quick escape, laundered the heck out of that thing and now - it is all mine!
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Eye Cream Experiment and Skin Update - Month 5
Still working on my skin. I have added in an eye cream and continue with my morning and evening routine. I have experienced a big improvement in not only my skin, but in my skin confidence. I no longer wear any foundation or concealer (even for the blog picture above). My make up is now quite minimal and my efforts are redirected to applying sunscreen and mascara. I have quite a few friends that have started their own skin journeys, some are at week 4, others at week 7. A fairly consistent pattern has emerged. At week 1 - 2 most are having a minor breakout and then it clears and their skin starts to transition and starts to, "glow." If you would like to try your own experiment, message me and let's get started. With a money back guarantee, how can you go wrong?
Side Month 1

Month 1

Month 5
Side Month 5

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Five Favourite Trenches

We have our wellies and we must accompany them with our trench coats and umbrellas. The spring trend leans towards brights and patterns, but there is always room for a classic trench with updated bright accessories.
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Bright accessories are an effective way to update your classic trench. We especially love the return of the backpack-purse.
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Monday, 16 March 2015


r- I decided to show a more relaxed version of the shirt dress. This one is from Gap and I love that you can dress it up or make it super casual (plus, how cute are these pockets?). I added a super fun colour of tights that go well with the brown over the knee high boots. I can't wait until the snow melts so I can wear my favourite pair of gold sandals! (P.s. sorry about the wonky colours of the products posted below. Click on them and I promise they will come out just like my outfit :)
m-  I had bad shirtdress experience in the mid nineties (remember, when we were all trying to look like Kate Moss). It was tight and uncomfortable! I swore off the shirtdress and decided it was for my heron chic sisters. Twenty years later, I decided to try this trend for the second time around and have been pleasantly surprised. I purchased this denim dress several weeks ago and it is already in rotation. It is a perfect traveling dress and transitions nicely from winter to spring. Clearly, the picture below is not me. I intended to take a picture, but spent the day outside and my joggers and T are better for napping in!

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday Five Favourite Shirtdresses

The shirtdress is a tough trend to conquer especially if you are petite in stature like we are. I know that I have bought a few (without trying them on..big no no) and got home and hated the way they looked on my body. I have learned that you need to find the right length for you (above the knee if your petite and mid-calf if you are taller) and they don't always have to be belted. Check out our favourite five below:

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1) This is the perfect shirt dress if you are looking for a more fitted look. We love the light belt against the charcoal hue of the dress.

2) First of all, this olive green colour is gorgeous! I also love that it has the built in belt that you can loosen or tighten up.

3) I bought this shirtdress a couple of weekends ago in navy blue (I will share a picture with you of it on Monday). I love it! It's so comfortable. You can dress it up or make it as casual as you want. If you are thinking of purchasing it make sure order a size down as it tends to run large.

4) This shirtdress is the perfect option if you are a little bit taller. It would look great with flats or heels! It's flowy and airy and perfect for spring.

5) This is the shirtdress that I have been lusting after since I first saw it. I love the soft blue colour with the feminine flower belt. This is from the Michael Kors collection. Is there anything that they make that isn't beautiful? 

Monday, 9 March 2015


r- So in love with my new Hunter rubber boots! That being said I had a hard time justifying spending $164 on them. However, I had a $30 credit and another 10% discount. This helped to make me finally take the plunge. I've also had a really trying month and thought these cute boots were just what I needed to pick up my spirits. Did I mention that I had a hard time justifying buying these boots? Guess it wasn't as hard as I thought..Ha! I am really into bright coloured tights right now (I may have spent some time recently binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix...Thank you Blair Waldorf.) I love them against the logo of the boots. I kept it simple with a black A-line dress and little accessories. Just my favourite MK watch. (P.s. the tights below are shown in pink. When you click on them it brings you to the red ones)
m- When we decided to do this post, I had spent my monthly budget allowance and had $50 left. This was problematic, as Hunters range from $140 - $200. I needed a quick solution and some wellies to keep my feet dry and warm for the blog picture and walking my dog(s). Solution - I found some high rubber boots at a box store (on sale!) and bought the liners (fleece option - $30) and voila - lookalikes. I do not expect to love them the way that others love their Hunters, but they will keep my feet comfortable in the coming months.
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m - sorry, I could not find a similar vest, most are sold out.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday Five - Spring Fever

We are finally beginning to see some sunshine outside! We are so ready! These sunny days have got us in the mood for everything Spring. Here are our top five ideas to get you in the mood for spring too!

1) Hunter Boots - These are a Spring essential. I just bought my first pair the other day and I can't stop wearing them. They are so comfy and you can wear them with just about anything (leggings, dresses and even shorts!). I bought the black pair but I had a hard time deciding between the black and the red.

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2) Floral Shoes - We haven't seen flowers in bloom outside in a very long time! We love these floral flats and pumps. Pair them with a solid t-shirt and blouse. I like them worn with jeans since the floral print makes the jeans a little less casual.

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3) Yellow - Yellow is this Springs top colour. We are seeing it everywhere! Some of us find that yellow is a little bit bright and you might not be willing to go and buy neon yellow pants but the necklace featured below offers would be the perfect way to add it subtly to your wardrobe.

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4) Purses - Spring is the perfect time for a new purse. My personal favourite is the floral design shown below but I am thinking about adding the pink purse to my collection as well.

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5) Rain Coats - Once you buy those Hunter Boots you are going to want to buy a super stylish rain coat to go with them. These options featured below would look great. Can you guess which one is under $60.00? Click on the images below to see if you were right!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Navy Blazer

r- This navy blazer makes me feel very "grown-up." It dresses up any outfit. I especially like it when paired with the lemon/lime blouse underneath. You can't really tell  but my jeans are a dark indigo colour that makes the colour in the blouse pop. Rocko really wanted to be in this picture and was waiting very patiently for my husband to throw his ball. Rocko is such a handsome boy. He's dressed up wherever he goes..wearing his tuxedo :)
m- We did not consult with each other before completing our posts and I guess great minds think alike because certainly were both drawn to the same style! I purchased this blazer off a Christmas sale rack last week and have worn it several times already. It is made out of a softer fabric (which I prefer) and has ruching at the elbow as an added detail. Kelly green is one of my favourite colours and paired with crisp, white jeans (again) and I am feeling springy.

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