Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday Five Favourite Colour Combinations

Mixing colours can be a bit of a tricky task but it can also be the key to taking your style game to the next level. Sayings such as "green and blue should not be seen" are a thing of the past. Don't be afraid to take some colour risks. If you are still feeling a little bit timid try adding a pop of colour through jewellery or shoes. Take a look at some awesome colour combinations below!

1) Fuschia & Turquoise

2) Lemon Lime & Cobalt Blue

3) Red, Navy & Gold

4) Navy, Yellow & Mint

5) Purple & Lime (with a touch of pink)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Straw Market Purses

r- I fell in love with this coral coloured, straw market purse, complete with a sweet scarf to match. I liked that the straw detailing was very close together and that it had a little bit of a shine to the fabric. It added the perfect pop of colour to my other wise light pastel coloured outfit.
m- Hot pink and turquoise, straw purse and gingham - all new to me and I am quite pleased with the effect -bright and cheery and a step away from neutrals. Over the next few weeks, it is my intent to present some different colour combinations.
When getting ready for the day and this picture, I noted that the first time I posted a picture on the blog without any make-up, I was nervous. Now, I only wear eye make-up and lip gloss. My make-up bag has shrunk in size. It is Throwback Thursday, everyday!  I am bare faced and happy!
40 something

20 something

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday 5 Ways To Update Jeans and a White Tee

r & m- We recommend buying a few new, white T-shirts every spring. After one season, they can become dingy and lose their shape. To give this simple formula an update for 2015, we recommend a few items that have carried over from last summer and continue to trend for Spring 2015 (see fringe) and a few new accessories.

1) Fringe Purses-If you are not fully committed to bohemian style, a fringe purse or sandals can be a subtle nod to this trend.
2) Tribal- A beaded collar necklace or bracelet will keep you looking current.
3) Straw bags- Replace that leather purse with a straw bag and immediately transform a simple outfit into a summer/spring look with a beachy feel.
4) Slides- Shoes you can walk in! Novel idea.
5) Aviators are still happening.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring Must Have - Denim Jacket

r- I have had my denim jacket since high school and it never goes out of style. I thought I would venture a little out of my comfort zone and add a denim vest to my ever growing wardrobe. It's so cute! I love wearing it with a maxi dress or with white jeans (still can't quite get the whole blue denim on blue denim thing down yet!)
m- Denim jackets never go out of my clothing rotation. My first denim jacket was borrowed from my dad back in 1987. It was quite roomy and I could wear my Woolwich sweaters and acid wash jeans comfortably - I am not sure that r was alive...times have changed and jackets are more fitted and softer. I have a denim vest on my list for upcoming purchases.

20 something

40 something

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Friday Five - Denim Vests & Jackets

We love our denim jackets and vests. However, you do need to be careful. The difference between looking like you're rocking an 80's frock and adding the perfect jacket to complete an outfit is a fine line. We recommend making sure that the jacket is a little bit fitted to help extenuate your waistline and to keep you from looking too "boxy." For denim vests we love to pair them with maxi dresses or coloured denim pants so we try and get them a size smaller because you don't want to overpower the dress/pants. Check out our favourites below!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Bright Workout Wear & We Deserve It!

r- This has been a really fun and rewarding 3 month journey. I have gone from 158 pounds to 136 pounds..thats a 22 pound weight loss so far! I was really upset when I noticed that my clothes weren't fitting like they used to and I was feeling really sluggish and not like myself at all back in December. When I texted M and told her I needed a change she was totally on board and we have been working  hard every day since. We work out on our lunches (usually 25-40 minutes depending on the workout we choose for the day) and then I work out right after work when I get home. Working out with M is a lot more fun than working out alone and I find we push each other a little bit harder than we would if we were just by ourselves. M told me it takes 21 days to form a habit (or break one!) and this couldn't be more true. Working out is just a part of my every day routine now and I feel weird if I don't do it. I will never be one of those "I love working out" people but I feel so much better mentally and physically after I do it. I am just upset that I didn't start this a lot sooner. The way I eat has completely changed as well. No more pop or sugary drinks but lots and a lots of water! My lunches typically include fresh veggies & dip with a large fruit salad for dessert. Dinners look a lot different as well we eat a lot of chicken & veggies with no carbs. One thing that has really helped me is knowing that Friday is my "cheat" night. I let myself off the hook and eat something that might not be that great for me. Knowing that I have given myself one night out of the week makes eating healthy throughout the rest of the week a lot easier. One thing that makes all of this a lot more the cute workout outfits that I get to wear! I typically choose a comfortable, high-wasited capri style pant. I like pants that are seamless and have a moisture wick away feature as well. I am a sucker for anything bright so I like to add these to my pullover/zip-up sweaters or my running shoes!

m- Great work, r! I have really enjoyed being part of this health focus. I did not see a dramatic transformation in myself, but I am happy to maintain my weight and fight my forty-something metabolism with lots of weight-bearing activities and cardio intervals. My workout pieces reflect my needs when working out - on weekends, I prefer to be outside and will workout on my deck, a park or go for a short run. Warm up gear with proper ventilation, wicking, finished seams and sun protection all play key roles in my clothing choices. I love my Nike hairbands.

20 something - December 2014 (the picture that started it all)

20 something - April 2015

40 something

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Friday Favourite Preppy Styles

r & m - Think brights, clean lines, scalloped hems, gingham, seersucker fabrics, boat shoes, cardigans, watches, simple accessories and leisure activities - preppy is in full force this spring. Modern preppy icons like Princess Kate, Lauren Conrad,Christy Brinkley and some classics: Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis continue to inspire designers and consumers alike. We were quite surprised to hear that preppy is back in fashion because neither of ever thought preppy left...
We picked out a couple favourite outfits to inspire your spring wardrobe:

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