Thursday, 31 July 2014

Work Chic

r- This zebra print skirt is so cute! The shirt and the skirt are both a light-weight fabric that make it perfect for a work outfit. I thought that the heavier necklace balanced out the light flow of this outfit.
m- Gray is often a staple in most professional women's closets. It does not need to be stodgy or a left over from the 90's. Add an airy blouse and jewellery for an instant update.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Yes, Overalls!

r- Overalls!!!!! So cute! My sister and I were shopping when I decided to try these on a whim. I put them on and couldn't figure out if they were "me" or not. My sister convinced me (thank you, Sarah!) and I am so glad she did. They are comfy and back in style. I pair them with a simple white t-shirt and comfortable (but still stylish) Dr. Scholls shoes. I wear this outfit to walk my dog or pick up groceries. Not quite brave enough to try the full-pant overalls but these will do perfect for now.

m- no.

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summertime is a Time For Shorts

r- Isn't this blue leopard print shirt really neat? I thought it was a great shape to wear with these red shorts because I didn't want the shorts to be the focus of the outfit. I liked the length of where the shirt fell on the shorts. Still not into the crop top trend....
m- Wow! We did not plan to pick the same colours. I like the length of shorts and casual comfort and happiness of a camp shirt (purchased for $1 - yes, $1). 

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Bright Work Attire

r- I was a little worried to buy this colour of pants. After all, they are very bright and the zippers running up the back..reminded me of Michael Jackson in his “Thriller days.” I wouldn’t even try them on in the store because the change room didn’t have a mirror inside and I didn’t want to come out and show anyone! I bought them anyway and tried them on in the comfort of my bedroom. I ended up really loving them and wearing this sheer, key printed shirt, with a similar red colour made the whole outfit. Paired with a blue primary coloured sandal? Perfect!
m- Orange and navy will grab everyone's attention! Pairing a geometic skirt and a blouse with subtle ruffling adds some personality to standard work attire.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Electric Pear

r- The colour of this dress is right on trend. It’s bright, summery, and lots of fun. I thought I would add a light shade of blue to the outfit. I wasn’t sure how this would work but I ended up really liking it. The old saying, “blue and green should not be seen,” is a thing of the past!

m- Eyelet lace adds sweetness to knee grazing, pencil skirt. It is anchored by this season's hottest colour - electric pear. Majenta pumps add some pop to this office outfit.

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m's look:

Weekend Fun

m-The upcoming weekend calls for fun in the backyard and BBQ's with friends. Stripes have been my go-to this season and this skirt from Anthropologie has a cute and sporty look. Paired with a little T from Old Navy (can you believe that price!) and my new Toms sandals, I am ready to go and not worry about sinking in the grass. The statement necklace from Macy's (now ships to Canada) finishes the outfit.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Formal Wedding

r- This dress is perfect for a formal church wedding because it’s modest with a little bit of gather in the front. I love it’s length with a low sandal heel.
m- Chiffon, dots and pleating create a timeless silhouette that is perfect for a wedding. Several strands of pearls, and a simple up-do and you are ready for the celebration!

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in rompers...

r: I love wearing rompers in the summertime! I have lost count of how many rompers I have in my closet. They just seem to go with everything. I think I appreciate that they are a whole outfit in one cute package! The pale and turquoise statement necklace I wore takes on the shimmer of the light and is a great show piece too! I will continue to advocate for the romper until everyone I know has added one to their summer wardrobe!

m: Growing up with grandma wearing a velour romper, I was a little tentative to embrace this craze. R convinced me to try on a feminine and flowing playsuit and I loved the femininity and comfort when paired with turquoise accessories. Now I understand you, Grandma!

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Beach Wedding

r- I feel like I wear the colour turquoise a lot but I couldn’t help buying this beautiful silk dress. It is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. It flows and its extra light! The camel coloured heels are subtle enough that it doesn’t take away from the simplicity of the dress. I also chose to wear a thin gold necklace. I didn’t want any overwhelming jewelry.

m- This dress has been on many adventures and travelled far and wide. Perfect for a beach wedding, dinner and dancing. The dress demands few accouterments and requires simple earrings, flip-flops or heels.
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Maxi-Dress Craze!

r- I have been wanting to a buy a maxi dress since the summer season began. However, I am a little on the petite size and it is hard to find a maxi dress that doesn’t look like I am swimming in it if I am not wearing heels. I found this dress on the weekend and fell in love with the pattern and the fact that it fit me perfectly! I wear my gold flat sandals and I don’t need to work about the hazard of tripping over any extra fabric. I paired it with my favourite pearl necklace to add a little something extra to it.

m- A maxi dress can be so easy! After a day in the pool or at the beach, a simple slip-on dress provides comfort and ease and offers modesty when on the go.

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monochromatic whites

r: I can’t wait for summer to come so I rock this look! However, you have to be choosey about where you wear all white. I am always worried I am going to spill something on it! I paired it with a light pair of wedge strap sandals! One of my favourites for sure!

m: Paired with an organic necklace from Hawaii and simple shoes, I am ready to go dancing or drink a fruity cocktail.            


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Rompin around

r-The colour of this romper just puts me in a really good mood! It has buttons on the side sleeve that give it a more casual feel. I decided to add a red belt to make the colour of the blue pop a little bit more. This romper is super comfortable and versatile. You can wear it anywhere!

m- Now that I am wearing rompers, I decided to push my colour choices and embrace red. I love the contrast of pairing primary colours and would have preferred yellow jewellery (rather than turquoise). The ruffle adds some interest and feels a little more sophisticated.
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