Thursday, 27 August 2015

Going Shopping Today! Do you want to come?

m - I have the day to myself and I am heading into virtual land to pick up a few items for the fall. After looking at many magazines and websites, I have narrowed down what I am looking for. A few trends have resurfaced from last year and some cute additions.
1) Suede A line mini- Thank you, Taylor Swift, for bringing this back. This stylish starlet was out and about in her suede mini, last week. Although Taylor looks great in her very short skirt, I am on the hunt for a modest length that will permit things like: sitting, crossing legs, etc.
2) Lace up flats - This trend is everywhere! I am happy to see that flats continue to have a place in the fashion marketplace.
3) Soft striped dress - what, I found this one for $5! Buy now, it is cheaper then a pumpkin latte and will last longer.
4) Solid Cardigan - boyfriend shape, great for layering.
5) Sleeveless top with turtleneck - sounds like an oxymoron, right? I must be a little ahead of the trend because most of these sweaters are in the designer range and start at $550. If you find one, grab it, I am predicting this trend is going to be big with the mass markets in the coming months.

Found the items! Click on the images to pick up your must have trends and get ready for autumn.


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